Washer Dryer

By the floating hook design; there will be no need for a handle to open the door. There will be improvement over the closing feeling. Due to the Solenoid feature inside the door lock, door will be opened as soon as the program finishes or the moment which the customer wants (if the water level and temperature is appropriate). Only available with 510mm door.

Anti Allergic(optional)

Recommended for laundry forbabies and sensitive skins. A special rinsing method is applied in order to getrid of detergent residuals througly.

Daily 60°C 60’

A class washing performance is possible for your cotton clothes in a very short time like 60 minutes.

Solenoid DoorLock

Solenoid door lock functiondetects the status of the door and warns you if the door is open, closed, orlocked.

Finish Timer

The machine can be programmed to start washing to finish at a certain time.


The electrical energyconsumption cost changes during the day according to the time intervals(tariff) set by electricity providers. This lower tariff intervals can belearned from electricity providers and ECO TIMETM running hours must be setaccordingly.

Eco-Logic System (Half Load)

When the machine is half-loaded with laundry, energy consumption is automatically decreased upto 50%. Besides, water consumption and program duration are dramatically decreased, since the machine can detect whether it is halfloaded or not. All the models include this feature.


Many points, forms areredesigned and strengthened to increase the rigidity. Decreased vibration leveland increased stability.

Pearl Drum

New drum pattern which provides greater protection for your washing. Provides gentle washing for your clothes.

Allergy Safe

Vestel Washing Machine is effective for 7 allergenes and 4 bacteria types with specific program with the “Allergy Safe” technology. It is available for F4, FL and FG models.


  • Pollen
  • Cat
  • Dog
  • Dust
  • Mite
  • Fungus
  • Mould


  • Aspergillus niger
  • Escherichia coli
  • Candida albicans
  • Staphylococcus aureus


One memory storage available

The washing or drying program settings can be recorded and recalled.

3D Load Sensor

Helps to calculate the weight of the laundry by measuring the position of the drum. The weight of the laundry is measured and displayed by scale bar indicator.

The machine automatically adjusts the program duration, water consumption and energy consumption according to the laundry load amount in the drum.

By help of load sensor, the machine recommends the detergent dosage helps to prevent from the overloading helps to icrease the lifetime by eliminating overloading.


Used for laundry that is not dirty and has odors on (max. 1kg) Blows hot air onto the laundry and refreshes them.

This is not a washing program.

Drum Cleaning

Washes the drum

Must be used without laundry in the drum.

Overflow Protection

Overflow protection system detects potential problems with water supply, which may result in overflowing. If a problem is detected, drain pump is automatically turned on.

Child Lock

Child Lock prevents unauthorized changes on the control panel settings while the machine is in operation.

Delay Timer

Enables you to postpone the starting time of the washing process.

Standard for R6,RL and F4, FL, FG series. The start time can be delayed by 1-23 hours.

Optional for F1,F2 series. The start time can be delayed by 3/6/9/12 hours for F1,F2 series.

Failure Detection System

The user can easily detect a failure on the washing machine with the help of blinking error signals on the control panel buttons.

Unbalance Control System

In case of unevenly distributed laundry, unbalance control system redistributes the load inside the drum and adjust the spin speed to achieve optimum spinning efficiency.

Special Programs

Wash&Use ( 29 min. or 60 min. ) ( available for DG & DH High end Models ) Used for cotton, coloured and linen laundry with machine dryable label.

The duration of the program determined automatically according to the amount of laundry load measured by the load sensor.

0.5 kg (3 shirts) → 29 minutes

1.5 kg (9 shirts) → 60 minutes

BLDC (Brushless) Motor

Brushed DC motors develop a maximum torque when stationary, linearly decreasing as velocity increases. Some limitations of brushed motors can be overcome by brushless motors, they include higher efficiency and a lower susceptibility of the commutator assembly to mechanical wear.

  • Brushless motors offer several advantages over brushed DC motors, More torque per weight
  • More torque per watt (increased efficiency)
  • Increased reliability
  • Reduced noise
  • Longer lifetime (no brush and commutator erosion) Elimination of ionizing sparks from the commutator
  • Overall reduction of electromagnetic interference (EMI)

With no windings on the rotor, they are not subjected to centrifugal forces, and because the windings are supported by the housing, they can be cooled by conduction, requiring no airflow inside the motor for cooling. This in turn means that the motor’s internals can be entirely enclosed and protected from dirt or other foreign matter.

Brushless motors are more efficient at converting electricity into mechanical power than brushed motors. This improvement is largely due to motor’s velocity being determined by the frequency at which the electricity is switched, not the voltage. Additional gains are due to the absence of brushes, alleviating loss due to friction.